Althea Meneses Ruby and Pyrite Necklace


This lovely necklace is created by jewelry artist Althea Meneses. She has blended rich red faceted rubies, with unusual faceted pyrite beads to create a very interesting and elegant combinations of colors in this piece. It measures 16 3/4 inches in length, with a 14kt gold filled extender in another 2 1/2 inches.It's finished off with small pyrite beads at end of extender. This necklace can be customized by the artist to any length you need.

About the Artist

Althea grew up around artists and her love of jewelry is reflected in her simple and beautiful designs. She is a self-taught artist, who is always trying new techniques and finding new shapes and cuts of semi-precious stones to implement into her pieces. Althea finds designing very therapeutic, and watching a person connect with her jewelry brings her joy