EAM Rose Sterling Necklace


This is a classic style necklace for the artist Elise Moran. She has created an incredible carved rose in matte steling silver.The piece also is finished with a handcrafted flower petal clasp. It measures 18 inches in length and the chain is also brushed sterling silver. if not in stock, please allow 3 weeks delivery time.

About the Artist

I am most inspired by nature‚Äôs perfect design. Since 1993, I have explored translating the complex and balanced forms that I see in nature, into small metal sculptures to be worn and to adorn. It is one of my favorite challenges…to see a beautiful flower or branch, etc. and to figure out how to recreate it in silver and gold. The results are whimsical, delicate pieces that, I hope, imbue a classic elegance that will flatter those who wear them.