Glitterlimes Bracelet

Glitterlimes Bracelet


This is one of Debbie’s signature pieces. Who wouldn’t want to wear an orange as a bracelet! The orange is natural and vibrant in color and of course has glitter and is coated to preserve it. It is on a metal mesh bracelet with three snaps to adjust the length from 7 inches to 8 inches. Because of the nature of the fruit used, each piece will vary slightly in size, shape and color.

If not in stock please allow two weeks for delivery.

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About the Artist

Debbie Tuch created a line of jewelry from fresh slices of real fruit. She pursued her fascination with the natural and fantastic by transforming actual slices of dried fruit into wearable jewels. Every piece is coated in a unique and durable glitter resin. She preserves the natural structure of the fruit, then adds an exciting glow to both decorate and reinforce it.


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