Isha Elafi Nomadic Knotwork

Clouds Gallery has represented Isha Elafi’s lovely “micro-macrame” for over 30 years. Her journey began with hand dyed nylon, wooden beads, and stones. She worked on her jewelry as she traveled the world to many different cultures, gaining inspiration for her work and her life. Isha’s jewelry has evolved over the years and she is now using more semi-precious stones – including opals, druzys, and agates. She also has incorporated fossils and imagery in her unique macramé. Each piece has its own palette and spirit, and when a person buys a piece of her jewelry, it feels like a light radiates on them, as if the piece was meant to be worn by them. Isha really understand the grace and charm of people and it comes out in her personality and her amazing nomadic knotwork!

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